About NEXT Hockey

Vision – To be useful and valuable. Across the hockey training market to be the most powerful blockchain element, connecting different hockey cultures with advanced coaches and hockey clubs talents and job horses from Eastern to Western Europe.

Mission – We are knowledgeable and able to put our knowledge into practice. To make every young person and his patient family a clearer and safer path from hard work to the most suitable club in Europe and North America, with the help of world coaches to train their abilities to the limits of their abilities and desires.

Objectives – To reach the threshold of choice, in which decisive decisions and correct decisions are made in the development of a young hockey career. Each year, NXTHKY camp programs, in collaboration with North American and European youth and adult club coaches, send new talent to tryout camps as future prospects that symbolize the next level of hockey skills.

Tasks – to lead 4 times a year together with various individual skills development coaches from all over the world hockey camp age groups from 12 to U 16 Eastern European young talents, who receive a 100-point analysis report at the end of each camp to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the indications of the report, the leader of each camp develops an individual plan and possible emphasis on what to develop sooner and what to do later. Only such an approach can give an understanding of one’s own, and the willingness to invest time and effort to hit through the eye of a needle in big hockey, where in competitive conditions you have to be very rich individually in club technique, puck control and skating skills. In addition to this main principle, one must be able to talk to teammates, show one’s team player qualities and build one’s business card as a mark of distinction and origin. This is also the slogan of NEXT Hockey – differordie!

Our contribution – A very wide range of contacts with the world’s top coaches and hockey stars, both current and old, who are still active makers and pullers of hockey life. By joining forces at NEXT Hockey Camps, we help young people, already between the ages of U 12 and U 16, meet the next level of hockey and get a goal to reach their hockey peaks. This experience that young women have with our co-coaches is also a testament to how close this hockey of the future can be to a close time when investing on the coaches’ 100-point evaluation report, in the meantime when young people play in their clubs and think about daily improvement of weaknesses.

Didzis Jansons

(Founder of NEXT Hockey Agency)

Didzis has played hockey in France, Switzerland and has played more than 150 games in the highest league of Latvia – OHL. He has organized and run several hockey camps outside Latvia and has worked as a coach in France for two seasons. Linking his life to hockey has developed a wide range of contacts, both in Europe and North America.

Andrejs Lapiņš

(Founder of NEXT Hockey Agency)

Representative of the KHL players union in Europe.Many years of experience, over 10 years, in international training, Tretiak & Naumov goalie camp. Collaboration with numerous youth sports schools, with the main scout of Boston Bruins in Europe – Svenake Svensson, with numerous KHL clubs. Cooperation with FHR – Vladislav Aleksandrovich Tretyak.